Food Lion Electronics Center End Cap

The Food Lion Electronics Center streamlined electronics merchandising, offering a one-stop destination for batteries, DVDs, and charging accessories. Because of the large size of the multi-product end cap, clever navigation graphics were crucial to aid shoppers in product selection.

  • Objective
    • Provide category management for multiple electronic products, including DVDs, batteries, and charging accessories. Previously these products were merchandised on separate, discordant displays. The aim was to combine products on one display to improve organization and navigation for shoppers.
  • Design Research & Strategy
    • The endcap adhered to Food Lion d├ęcor, with black fixturing and blue accents. A traditional 3-sided display approach provided ideal product segmentation, visually separating DVDs, batteries, and charging accessories.
  • Shopper Engagement
    • The display created a one-stop electronics destination for shoppers. Finding the right product was easy for consumers thanks to a detailed Product Locator graphic and a Cross-Reference Battery Guide, which indicated equivalent button cell battery codes across brands.