Reinventing the Sun Care Category

The sun care category is highly competitive and often overwhelming for shoppers. Many consumers do not follow — or understand — the recommended application guidelines for sun care products.

As a result, Energizer Personal Care enlisted Mechtronics to bring inspiration and education to the sun care product category. The solution was an innovative aisle reinvention for Walgreen’s flagship stores in Florida and Hawaii. The Sun Care Innovation Aisle integrated an attractor video loop and interactive digital application to engage shoppers and help them select the right product.

Selecting the Right Product

Which SPF is right for me? How much sunscreen should I use? How often should I reapply sun protection? These are all questions that consumers may not know how to answer.

To help shoppers select the right SPF and compare sun care products, an interactive digital application was created. An attractor video engaged shoppers with sun care application guidelines and fun “sun scenes”.

Sun Care Digital Application

The interactive digital application recommends sun care products based on the local UV index — for example, a UV index of 8 recommends products with SPF 30. Users can easily change the location by typing in a city, state or zip code.

The chosen location brings up an “SPF Finder” chart – where users can toggle between recommended SPF values. All products for the selected SPF value are shown on the screen. Touching a product image brings up key benefits and features, or selecting multiple checkboxes allow users to compare up to three products side-by-side.

Key features:

  • Multiple brand capability
  • Interactive touch-screen application
  • Side-by-side product comparison