Redefining Full Service

At Mechtronics, we’ve spent decades building internal teams of experts
in their fields in order to become the leader in ours.

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Digital
  • Project
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation


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At the core of any in-store execution is the ability to create and realize an effective solution that engages the consumer on both a physical and emotional level, and that reflects a clear, consistent, and affirmative marketing strategy.

Our group of highly talented, driven and experienced individuals have all adopted a methodology that places the problem-solving process as most vital in the development of meaningful solutions to a client’s needs. Our mission is to provide the most impactful design concept based upon both thoughtful consideration and creative expression of all other viable options and alternatives.

  1. Understand your business needs and objectives
  2. Collaborate with you regarding your project’s design requirements
  3. Develop an overall creative strategy
  4. Create sketches, renderings, models, animated simulations, and any other presentation materials needed in order to effectively communicate the concept
  5. Execute concept while managing design integrity throughout the prototyping, engineering and production phases, including approval of all materials, colors, finishes, graphics and printing for the finished product


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Transitioning from form to function requires the skill and expertise to balance the structural, functional, budgetary and manufacturing integrities without sacrificing the design intent.

Our engineering staff expertly transforms every design into a cost-effective series of manufacturable components which, when assembled, provides a seamless transition from the original design concept to the reality of a finished product. With careful attention paid to all aspects of the process, no detail is left unchecked or unevaluated.

  1. Initial design evaluation and conferencing
  2. Pre-production engineering for prototype or cost evaluation
  3. Creation of finished engineering part drawings and assemblies
  4. Materials and process selection
  5. Part(s) evaluations and approvals
  6. Assembly line specifications
  7. Safety and durability considerations
  8. Formal testing and evaluation of transit containers
  9. Development of quality work instructions and procedures

Digital Applications

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Live interaction with shoppers using digital applications is an essential part of the marketing-at-retail experience today. Mechtronics’ digital application division integrates all the necessary expertise to provide ready-to-run devices and software.

Getting together professionals in hardware, software development, deployment, maintenance, and networking can ordinarily be quite a challenge for both CPGs and retailers. Our expert integrators provide experience in all these disciplines in concert with our superb POP merchandising design, engineering and manufacturing skills.

  1. Proof-of-concept software for test and evaluation
  2. Leveraging of existing digital assets
  3. Networked interactive applications
  4. Video and animation capabilities
  5. Kiosk, endcap and In-line integration
  6. Installation and maintenance
  7. Remote monitoring and updates
  8. Data collection

Project Management

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A collaborative effort.

We manage all client programs through a team approach. Led by an experienced and knowledgeable account executive, every project is assigned its own design, engineering and production manager, and that individual “stays” with that program until its eventual fulfillment in the field. Their individual areas of expertise all complement each other and insure that every aspect of a particular program is covered by a person in their scope of proficiency.


A cost-effective process.

Mechtronics is proud to be ISO 9001:2008 certified. Throughout the production process, your project is executed in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Our manufacturing teams are experts in production processes, assembly, and quality control. We ensure the highest levels of quality by conducting all of our manufacturing at our Beacon, New York facility. Our 120,000 square-foot production area allows us to maximize efficiency by fully customizing a manufacturing process for your project.

In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, we are fully staffed to provide warehousing and distribution as an integral part of our post-production support.

The video above demonstrates our manufacturing capabilities—from start to finish.

Installation Support

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A full support system.

Post-production support is an integral part of out total service capability and that commitment extends well after our product leaves our facility. We have initiated and cultivated strategic partnerships with quality installation and maintenance organizations to offer services in the management, updates, and troubleshooting of our products in the field. Combined with our toll-free telephone and on-line Customer Service, we provide the services necessary to insure a flawless in-store execution.

Learn more about our warehousing and distribution capabilities:

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